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Pancho's Mexican Restaurant

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

ORANGE, CA - When you first walk into Pancho's Mexican Restaurant in Orange, you won’t know if you’re in Orange County or Hazzard County. The Duke brothers are arguing near the jukebox, Boss Hogg is sitting in the corner playing keno, and Daisy behind the bar is trying to fight off Enos and Rosco’s unwanted advances.

But once you get over the uncomfortable fact that you’re the only person in the restaurant whose shirt still has sleeves, you will find the locals to be very friendly and the food absolutely delicious. And because they’ve obviously given up paying someone to clean their bathrooms, their prices are lower too.

Dine in or take-out is available. But if you choose curbside pickup, don’t be surprised if Bo or Luke slides across the hood of your car before handing it to you.


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