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Pina's Bistro

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

TUSTIN, CA - Pina's Bistro is located in a dodgy little strip mall on the border of Santa Ana & Tustin, so unless you're reading the Crime Report in the Orange County Register, you kind of forget that it's there.

Pina's is like eating in your mom's kitchen. She's yelling at you to get your elbows off the table, her daughters are yelling at you it will be ready when it's ready, and the homeless guy who just pissed himself at the 7-11 next door is yelling at you for no reason at all.

But the food at this place is worth the friendly abuse, and it never disappoints. In fact, if you can't find something on the menu you like, Pina herself will make you anything you want - that is if you're not wearing a hat indoors.

And if you decide to order dessert, just make sure you take it to go. You don't want to leave your car in that parking lot for too long.


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